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are you Looking for an used car in hungary?
There are lot of advertisement about car for sale with Attractive photos, low mileages, no damages external and brilliant conditions internal of the cars. do you believe in car owners or dealers tell you?  If you are not familiar with mechanical issue,  maybe you will ask to come a friend, a colleague or an acquaintance whom speaks hungarian and some how knows more about cars than you. do you think it is enough to buy a good car? hungarian people say, never bring with you a baker, a hair dresser, a doctor to buy an used car. even they are smart, but they don't know at cars. In order to get a reliable one , you need also a reliable partner whom to give you proper advice.
  we can provide you a quality service which combined with Hungarian talented technical experts and a japanese precise care management for your used car purchase project in english or in other foreign languages. we also help you any administration issues after buying it in order to drive on public road in hungary.
do not hesitate to start finding a secondhand car in hungary. because we are here. and you are not alone.

What we can help you 

  • Please take care there are lot of incorrect cars which are not matched with its advertisement text. 
  • We help you to find out if your actual nominated car is a good deal or not, before paying for it.
  • Do not hesitate if you don't speak Hungarian. We help you in English and also show you with our visual device to understand better car status
  • Do not worry about administration matters after buying your car. We help you until you can drive it on the road.
for your smart solution

how we work

consulting & Research

If you find any actual nominated cars from public advertisement, we check it's history, technical background from database, in case it's exist.  After you get our report you may decide to watch that car or not . 

We need to know for discovery it's history that plate number and VIN(Chasis registration) number of the car. 


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Inspection with expert

If you choose your target car,  we make an appointment with the car dealer or car owner to watch with you. At the location, we check technical issue of the car and tell you in English or in Japanese any remarks for your decision making.

*Please note decision making to purchase the car, it's your responsibility. Our advice is useful for your decision based on that actual condition at that moment.

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support administration

After deciding to buy a car, we'll help you to prepare contract format in Hungarian and in English with the seller, and also you need to sign up for insurance before driving it. Then there are some places to go in order to register that car will be under your name. We will help you such administration issues for driving the public road in Hungary.

Please check your status of residence permission in Hungary. If you don't have a proper document or it is not valid, you won't able to register in Hungary.

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Buy used car in hungary is risky?

  This is not only in Hungary, but also anywhere there are some risk to buy a not new one. Please consider why you can buy a secondhand even 1/10 price from original value of new car. That difference amount comes from aging, deterioration, possibility of break down, possibility of rust on the chassis, etc. And also you should see who was the previous owners. If she or he hasn't took care of that maintenance, it might be not good condition. It is also possible, someone intentionally hides any problem for sale with high value. Unfortunately it can be happens almost all publicity cars. That's why you should take care of those potential problems when you buy from used car market. However if you get a good one with under your budget, you might be happy with it. What are the most 3 important issues when you check used cars. Show you them following.

  • Damage history from accident, from flood and so on
  • Engine, clutch and other important function parts
  • Rusts on every steal body parts

However who can check these things without any knowledge, without any special devices? Your opinion is right. There are three solutions for it. 1. You will believe in car seller. 2. You will ask for your friend's or your colleague's opinion. And 3. You will ask for an expert to check it. Which is the better strategy for you?


Used car expert gives you technical advices before you pay for the car
Our expert inspects with his technical devices for your nominated car before you buy. Technical advices will be informed in English and also you can see visual information with IT devices at the field.  You may decide to buy it or not based on our advices.

Roll back odometer is usual?

If you start to look for used cars in Hungary from advertisement, you will find often over 20 years old cars under 150,000 km. It means those cars ran about 21km per day, if the owners have used them for every days. It is possible, someone use only in the city and never went for long distances with it. Or that car has been parked in the garage for a long time. Also it was possible that was driven only in weekend. I also found my favorite Toyota Auris 270,000 km ran on advertisement, but actually it was over 500,000 km ran after my research based on the data. Some experts say mileage is not important to judge good car or bad car. However you won't happy that you find it after paying for the car. Maybe it is right, if previous owners took care about maintenance of the car even that mileage is big, that car should be better than long time parked or than only city used car for short distance without warm up engine. However the deal is included trust issue with it. We would like to help you that you will avoid that case.


Your satisfaction is our first priority

Sato Masaaki
Sato Masaaki

Chief advisor: Since 1999 he has lived in Hungary. He started to work as a freelance reporter for some Japanese newspapers, then became an editor in chief for an Japanese news paper in Hungary. After long carrier of editor in chief of several magazines, he worked as a business coordinator between Hungary and Japan, translator, logistics sales manager in an Irish company for a while. Then he works in automobile industry as a logistics assistant manager at a logistics company.  Before came to Hungary, he studied Italian in Siena and in Firenze for a year. Speaks Hungarian, English, Italian, Japanese

Administrations, it's a real world!


Once you buy a car, comes some duties which you should complete to register you are the new owner of the car. You have times for it 2 weeks after contract date. Unfortunately, you can't do this them in one place. You have to go some places of public offices. Even you have some Hungarian language skills, it's not easy to do it each places.